Agathodaimon - Cellos for the Insatiable
 Alghazanth - My Twin Disorder
 Amoral - Leave Your Dead
 Amorphis - Weaving the Encatation
 Arthemesia - Death Executed by Complex Actions
 Cadacross - Flaming Ember
 Catamenia - Astral Tears
 Celesty - Empty Room
 Charon - Failed
 Children of Bodom - Silent Night, Bodom Night
 Cryhavoc - Repent (Whore)
 DarkWoods My Betrothed - The Crow and Warrior
 Diablo - The Preacher
 Enochian Crescent - Abaiuonin
 Ensiferum - WindRider
 Enter My Silence - 9 mms to Deliverance
 Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Sweet Lilith of My Dreams
 Exsecratus - Under the Winter Moon
 Faerghail - Death Whispers
 Impaled Nazarene - Total War, Winter War
 Imperanon - Memories of Dust
 Insomnium - Mortal Share
 Kalmah - The Groan of Wind
 Kiuas - Warrior Soul
 Korpklaani - Happy Little Boozer
 Kotipelto - Waiting for the Dawn
 Kotiteolisuus - Kultalusikka
 Lost Alone - Memory
 MachineMan - No Talk Without the Giant
 Misery Inc. - Fallen Rage
 NightWish - Planet Hell
 Norther - Death Unlimited
 Pain Confessor - Another Door
 Saattue - Luutarhuri
 Shade Empire - Human Sculpture
 Sonata Arctica - 8 th Commandment
 Stratovarius - Hunting High and Low
 Tacere - Deep Tears of Tragedy
 Tarot - Pyre of Gods
 Throes of Dawn - QuickSilver Clouds
 Thyrane - Crimson Halls of Blood
 Turisas - A Portage of the Unknown
 Twilighting - Dellirium Veil
 Whispered - Dead Cold Inside
 WinterSun - Sadness and Hate